It is a good morning.


I am so grateful for this morning, as they do not happen very much lately.  I got up at 5:30, said goodbye to my son (CN) as he left for lacrosse practice.  Sat down and did a little drawing while the house was still quiet.  I made breakfast by 7am so my daughter could eat on her way to school, and just in time for my boy to eat as he came home and hurried off to get ready for school.  I smiled, I laughed, I feel good.  CN and I had one of our impromptu chats as he was halfway down the stairs.  These chats seemingly come from no where, and in the strangest of times.  I couldn’t schedule a conversation with that boy if I tried. But I love these moments that he finds, when it is just me and him, and he opens up to me and tells me about him, his friends, what’s going on in his life.  He makes me laugh, that kid has quite the personality.  He is going to become a great man as he gets older… not because of anything we did as parents, but because he is just an amazing kid.  He is insightful, he has depth to him, he understands a lot about the world he is living in.  He takes it all in, and if you can get him to open up and you really listen to him, there is wisdom in what he says.


It was a good morning.

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