gone and back

so i was gone for a few days.  but i decided i wanted to come back. i really like it here.  i think i need this place…talking to myself and whoever else decides to listen.  i can’t promise that you will like everything i have to say. that is not what this place is for. it is for me, a place where i can write out the sometimes overwhelming, or confusing thoughts in my head.  it is a place where i want to be able to be honest with myself and write what i feel without censoring myself.

if you are here, you know i have not only one but two mental illnesses. Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder. you are welcome to be here with me. i actually really like the idea that i may connect with others who are dealing with the same issues, or who understand similar trials.  or maybe you just don’t understand very much about mental illness and are trying to learn more about them, and anyone in your life who may suffer from them.

but because i do struggle with mental illness, sometimes i may say things you don’t like to hear, sometimes i may contradict myself. sometimes i am talking about my past, sometimes the present, and sometimes i will talk about my future- the way i see it at the moment. sometimes i will be very detailed in what i am talking about, sometimes i will write very vaguely, maybe sometimes it won’t make sense to you. sometimes it will be the illness in my head in control when i write, and you may not like what it is saying. but sometimes it will be the real me… whoever she is. i am still discovering her.


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