Ok, bear with me..lol.

I know, two posts today… sorry.

But I am really proud of my harvest today.


I love working outside in my garden. Besides sitting at the ocean, this is the other place that is good for my soul.  Maybe there is something about the calm, peacefulness of nature that resonates with me.  The beauty of it. The wonder of it, how it all works… plant a seed, grow a tree, then my sweet, delicious pears appear. The beauty of this world always amazes me. I thank God all the time for letting me live in such a beautiful place. It is one thing that I do not take for granted.

I think I ate 5 pears today… ok maybe more… but my dog ate more than me 😉




6 thoughts on “so proud :)

  1. Lol, your dog eating more pears. I hope he or she wasn’t ill afterwards! I feed my pups thinly sliced carrot. My mum has apple, cooking apple and pear trees. I was looking at them this morning thinking we ought to collect some.

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