This is a drawing that I did last year called “The Devil’s Hands”. It has been shared and saved all over the internet, mostly Pinterest, with over 6000 saves this past year.

It is good to know that so many people can relate to the emotions that I tried to express in this sketch. But at the same time, it really haunts me that so many out there relate to this.

This is one of those drawings that I talked about on my Artwork page, that I sat down overwhelmed and I had to somehow release those emotions. I saw this image in my head… and my hands couldn’t draw fast enough.  I think if I remember right this only took me about 15-20 minutes from start to finish.

The Devil’s Hands: (from left to right) 1. Verbal Abuse– Some may not see this abuse as “bad” as others, but the effects of this abuse can last a lifetime.  2.Sexual Abuse– all I can say here is it is the biggest, scariest hand for a reason. 3. Physical Abuse– it instills fear….no one should ever be hurt by another. especially children. 4. Emotional Abuse– it is there. not always visible to others. It may be the abuse that is the most easily ignored… but so very damaging nonetheless.

As far as the girl.. I almost cry sometimes when I look at her.  I feel her fear, her sadness.   I want to wrap my arms around her and tell her everything is going to be ok. I want to pick her up and carry her away. I want to protect her. I know her pain, I want her to believe me when I tell her, she is not bad. Most of all I want her to feel safe and loved.


17 thoughts on “the devil’s hands

    1. Hmmm. yes I suppose she is. Acknowledging that she is, would be acknowledging somethings I haven’t been ready/willing to just yet… 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! The positive feedback i have received about this drawing helps me look at it in a different it a positive meaning to me, rather than all negative… 😊

      1. that’s great – its a way to challenge our demons and work our way through the darkness – much better than suppressing the inner turmoil and inevitably exploding in ways we’d probably rather not – keep it up

  1. Gorgeous!! I love your art and also your writing…you definitely have a new follower! Also, at the risk of sounding creepy, you are really, really beautiful (I’m a straight married woman, so I think it’s okay to say that?). I am totally jealous. >:( But I’ll still follow you because I like your writing and art, haha.

    1. oh my goodness, you are so terribly sweet! thank you for the ego boost.. 😉 and not creepy at all! lol.. Thanks for that. I really enjoyed reading your stuff too… its a mutual admiration 🙂

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