6:50 am- get up and get the kids off to school

7:43 am- lay back in bed and wait

Wait for what?  …my favorite time of the day

8:13 am- I can watch it happen out of the window from my bed.  The sun peaks over the mountain tops. This moment- that the morning darkness turns light.  I love watching the night being washed away from my world, by the light of a new day…

It seems to me that light is stronger than darkness.  It takes the absent of light for darkness to exist.  In any given moment light can expel darkness.  The instant there is light, darkness is gone.

It’s got to have some metaphor.. I just can’t find the words for it this morning.


4 thoughts on “8:13 am

    1. Just stand in your truth…the real one that ‘see’s’ from your heart…the one that saw that sunrise, it is stronger than you think 🙂
      Have a beautiful day…even if you spill your coffee, trip over the cat or even kissed by the most gorgeous hunk in the universe…it is yours to enjoy 😀

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