You know the universe is smiling on you when:

  • one day when you don’t want to venture further from your bed than the bathroom to pee…
  • your best friend calls and tells you she is having a horrible day
  • the two of you decide to be miserable together
  • so jeans, converse, and a baseball hat later you get up and leave everything behind


movie for her

  • singing “true colors” (Cindy Lauper) out loud with the movie preview in the middle of the theater. (yes we were those annoying people… but i dare you to listen to that song and not have the undeniable urge to sing along… don’t worry we are quiet during the movie…)

vinyl store for me

  • the smell of old vinyl, and flipping through rows and rows of records is surprisingly theraputic to me… i know, odd…

mexican food for her

  • her burrito is sooo spicy hot, we share my tacos

chocolate cake for me

  • she does not like chocolate… (whatever, i don’t know how we are friends)…icecream for her

she runs into a pole as a result of texting and walking

i laugh until i cry…then i help her up


by the end of the night

we are both laughing until we can’t catch our breath

there are some days when only your best friend of 13 years can fix you


(p.s. the photo of the two little girls are our daughters. best friends since birth 😉 )



16 thoughts on “and the universe smiles

      1. What?! Lol.. Oh it’s too keep weirdos like you away.. 😉 kidding. hmm… let me see what wrong

  1. Its because they are unconditional…as we are to them 🙂
    Loved the post lizzy, and especially the saying with the two girls holding hands at the top…now that is friendship 😀

  2. Hi Lizzy,
    I’ve nominated you to do the 3 day quote challenge. I was looking for specific criteria when searching for people to nominate and you really did hit what I was looking for. Positive and beautiful words.

    I’ve created a ping back to this post so people can see why I chose you. You don’t have to accept the challenge but I hope you’ll check out why I chose you.


    Have a great day
    C xx

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