so I have been nominated for a three day quote challenge by, and as best as i can tell i am suppose to pick one quote every day for three days that i like and kinda say why.

well we are doing this Lizzy style.

if you want enduring heart-felt quotes, then you may be disappointed… because my writing is dictated my my moods, and i am so not in that mood.

so here is Quote #1:



3 thoughts on “{be that girl}

  1. Love it. Thanks for posting. Oddly, I think getting diagnosed with bipolar helped me finally let go a little bit. It was like, “wellllp, I’m crazy. Looks like I’m never going to be the person my parents wanted me to be. My in-laws will now be POSITIVE I wasn’t ever good enough for their son…might as well stop trying to impress them all.” so I did. A lot of them don’t like that, but guess what?!? I actually and truly do. not. care. It feels brilliantly amazing. 😊

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