It’s almost cliche.  I am sitting in a corner coffee shop, at the window, people watching and writing this post for my blog.

I took a vacation.  Just me.  And though it did not go as I had planned.  It has been very good for me.

Something you may not know about me… well I know you don’t know about me because I haven’t told you- is that I do not like doing things on my own. It is overwhelming to me, and gives me a bit of anxiety. But over the past three days, that is exactly what I have been doing. Although I have not been doing it completely alone, I have had the support of someone, encouraging and helping me to do this, and I could not have done it without them… physically I have been on my own.  I have pushed through my fears and have been able to do some great and fun things.

I went to an amazing art museum. Spent hours with my headphones in, looking at beautiful pieces of art and sculptures… something I have always loved to do. I discovered an almost sinful chocolate store, in which I spent way too much money (although in my defense I will give some of the chocolate to friends as gifts ;)) I walked around a botanical garden. (headphones in again.. but they help my anxiety) It was a picturesque day. I am so happy I was able to experience it.


I learned long ago, life does not always go as planned. And when that happens you just have to change with the changes. Be ok with what life throws at you, and find some good in whatever situation you find yourself in. Good can be found just about anywhere.. if you look for it. And although this vacation did not go as I had hoped, there have been some really good things that have come from it. Do I wish it had gone as planned, yes- very much so. But what good does focusing on that do. I look and see what a growing three days this has been for me. And next time… because there will be a next time…. it will be even better.

Which brings me back to today, right now.

I am sitting in a corner coffee shop, at the window, people watching and writing this post for my blog (headphones in of course)

…by myself. And I am enjoying it.


18 thoughts on “the corner coffee shop

  1. Well done lizzy, I think I’m a man of the world…but even I have trouble going anywhere. I think it is a leftover from my breakdown, the feeling of losing it when I was out and about at the time.
    As time has gone by, even though it is not as strong these days, it will occasionally give me a ‘little’ nudge…just to let me know just how far I’ve come 😀
    Enjoy the coffee shop…and all the other coffee shops to come <3

  2. I’m glad you had a good time. When I lived on the East coast I’d sometimes head up to the White Mountains alone. It was bliss. If I wasn’t so burned out on work travel, I’d spend time in Norther Michigan now. I might go for a short trip in the coming weeks though. Fall colors should be peaking there.

    I think I’ve seen in other posts that you have children. Do you not get much time for yourself? If not, can you make some time for just you?

  3. Fall is my absolute favorite too. I actually did just go for a short hike the other week to see all the changing leaves.. Yes i do have children. And no i probably do not take as much time as i should for but i did just take a good vacation 😉

  4. hmmmm it is definitely the coffee shop he is falling for… damn lucky coffee shop. Understandable though… there is one here where I am, that I feel the same way about 🙂 i love the song btw…

  5. why thank you, I try… for some, it just comes natural… lucky you, huh? otherwise i may of had to stop our little comment convos, due to lack of composition skills 😉

  6. This has a real beauty to it. I also fear doing things alone, thought I did things like travelling to foreign cities alone in my early twenties, as I have got older its been harder. I really loved this. So glad you got to experience pleasure in your own company.

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