Dreaming of Elephants

What I have come to believe is that there are some dreams that are meant to not be forgotten.

Dreams have always fascinated me. The way your mind can put reality together with imagination and create a world and a story that has never existed. The way you can do things you have never done before, be with people that otherwise would be impossible to be with.  Dreams can bring the past back to the present… and bring the future to you with just a few hours of sleep.

Sometimes my dreams make a very big impact on me. They are the type of dream that you wake up from in middle of the night not sure for a few moments what is reality because they are so real.  And not in a good way. They are not good dreams to put it mildly. And if I am able to return back to sleep- in the morning I still have a dream hangover. The feelings and emotions are stuck inside me, not letting me forget the madness from the dream of the night before. Sometimes they are dreams from memories, but every so often I have dreams that make me wonder how my brain can create such horrible scenes. I wish I could erase and forget these dreams of mine. ele

But then one night not too long ago, I had this dream. Different from any other I have ever had before.  A good one. I will nickname it my elephant dream. I have never had a good dream that had such a strong effect on me. It was not just the crazy story or the fact that I lived on top of a circus tent, or that it was elephants that were sent each night to keep me safe, that makes it memorable. What makes it so beloved to me was the who and the why, as well as the feelings and emotions that I felt and still feel from it. It was a dream that has in a way changed me. Maybe that sounds weird, and I’m not sure I quite understand it myself… but it has somehow. Just recently I had one of those dreams, the not so good ones, where I woke up from it unable to move because of the feelings it evoked.  My mind was frozen and overwhelmed. But eventually I began to think of the elephant dream that I had a few weeks ago, and the emotions began to subside. They didn’t go away completely, but enough that I was able to take control of the fear, feel some calm and feel safe, and fall back asleep. The next morning I did have that dream hangover, and my head was a little messed up from it… but remembering how I was able to use the elephant dream as a power of good for myself made it even more extraordinary to me. It was/is the best dream I have ever had.


p.s. I’m pretty sure elephants have now become my favorite animal.  They bring feelings peace and safety to me as well does the owner of said elephants. I bought a little elephant figure… he sits beside my bed.  I named him Alastair, which in Greek means “Guardian”


One thought on “Dreaming of Elephants

  1. I, too, have very few good dreams when I dream. But when I do, I also use them as a sort of memory anchor to ground me during times of panic or stress. The best one I’ve had recently has to do with my wedding (8 more months!). The dream was about the moment where I see my fiance for the first time as I begin to walk down the aisle. I woke up feeling so warm and safe, that now I’m able to think about that moment or remember that dream, and feel calmer about this wedding that is rapidly spiraling out of control, planning-wise.

    As usual, I love your writing, thank you for sharing. (Elephants are so majestic, in my opinion 🙂 )

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