I have discovered over the past year how much drawing and painting help me connect to my feelings and emotions.

I have also discovered over the past little while how much music can say the things I want to say but for one reason or the other can’t.

m1I have always had a great love for music, which has just developed more and more as I have gotten older. I have used music as an escape many times throughout my life. It is a daily part of my world. I wonder sometimes if others feel as deeply about music as I do or if maybe as part of being Borderline, if the emotions I feel for of music are amplified… like BPD tends to do with emotions… exaggerate them. But if it is because of my bpd, I don’t ever want it to change. I love the way music effects me.  Not just the music itself, but the words. The way some artists are able to put a melody and group of words together that can touch you to your soul is absolutely breathtaking to me. I envy…. but am very grateful for those that have such a talent.


There has been more than one occasion in my life where music has kept me afloat. Like creating my artwork, music can calm my sole, bring comfort and give hope. It can remind me of moments and people in my life that I don’t want to be forgotten. Although sometimes that same music can bring back memories of hurt and pain. Some music, once associated with a person or moment, can be to painful to listen to therefore is forever lost to me. But overall it is a huge benefit to me. The day when I discover a new song and it instantly becomes a new favorite on my repeat playlist, is a very good day.  I love that feeling of excitement I get.. lol. I will wear that song out until I know every word and every beat.  I am one of “those” who you see at the stop lights or driving down the highway jammin out to the music.. let them laugh…haha. Music has just been on my mind and a greater part of my world lately .






….these are some of my favorites I have returned to lately….



2 thoughts on “what i want to say is…

  1. ‘Music saves’ is one of my tags on my blog because of how strongly I feel about music. It has truly saved my life, my soul, and my sanity. I love Unsteady from your list! Check out snakes by Bastille, that’s what’s currently getting me by these days.

  2. Great batch of songs lizzy…and it’s because we empathize with the words and the music….good or bad. We embrace something that holds our hearts in what feels to be our truth. It touches us unconditionally, where humans build labels and expectations and distort our meaning. Music just is, and is only how we relate to it…with our truth, our love, and our hearts. We relate with its journey, its music and words…and touches us because we allow it to with no walls…so we dance at the traffic lights 😀
    May that music within touch you with its truth…your truth…and set you free 😀

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