Every scar, seen or hidden, has a story to tell. I have grown up with mostly invisible and hidden scars, the ones that people couldn’t see. The ones that were visible I would hide or they have now faded. Some of the invisible scars are very much still there and I don’t let anybody see them. In fact nobody, other than a couple people in my life, know that they are there.

14448247_311157855917925_2819172724427980800_nI have one scar that I see everyday, anytime of the day. It use to really bother me when I looked at it. But that has been changing. Instead of the shame and guilt that I use to feel when I saw it, I have begun to feel a sense of peace about it. I have always thought of it as a sign of my weakness. But as I have talked with Dr. C, he has… on most days… been able to get me to see it as proof of strength. It has been hard to see it that way because I know what that scar means. I know the “why” of that scar… but I also know what it took to get through that time when I didn’t think I was strong enough to get through it. That I could, and I did, even when I didn’t think I would. And sometimes I forget that. But our scars, seen or hidden, remind us of our stories. And those stories can remind us who we are. They are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of how strong we have been.



Completely off topic..

I was given these beauties this past week just to brighten my day.

And trust me when I tell you…. even if you wake up tired, have noisy neighbors who drive you crazy, forget your groceries at the food store, and spill your large frozen lemonade all over the floor just as you get home to enjoy it… even then, it is impossible to look at these and not have a smile on your face… yes, i am a lucky girl 😉


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