advice 17- laugh giraffe

One thing you should know about me is that I am easily distracted. I fully am aware of this and acknowledge it does become a slight problem at times…ha. Let’s take for example right now. At this moment I am suppose to be working on some artwork for my newly started business (more to come on that) and yet I have decided that tomorrow I am going to purchase a new pet goldfish and his name will be Cosmo… Moe for short. I was also closing the tabs on my laptop and one of them was a tab for my blog… and here I am.  Writing. I should stop and continue my work, but this seems more fun at the moment :p This isn’t going to be a post on much of anything ground breaking or deep. I just feel like writing.

Oh another thing you should know about me is that even though Grace is in the name, I am anything but. Seriously. If you only knew. Things happen on practically a daily basis. I really break the odds on how much can happen to a single person.. the universe must curse me for offsetting those odds.

Take for instance….

The time I fell at work. I am a server at a restaurant. In my defense the floor was freshly mopped.  I did not do just a simple slip and fall.. no this was a slip and feet fly up in the air to the level of your head… then fall on your ass on the hard concrete floor with a loud “thud” fall. To make it even better it was right in front of my manager and the owner, in the middle of the day.. I am not sure how many customers saw that fine maneuver… {definitely one to remember}


There was the time a couple weeks ago when I was washing my jeep.. I had the hose sprayer in one hand turned off. I was bent over the bucket of water to get the sponge out of it and the hose sprayer slipped out of my hand… and as it fell it twist in the air so that it landed in just the right spot to release the latch and turn the sprayer on..  oh and the sprayer was set to the jet spray setting, It spray directly in my face.. more accurately straight up my nose. I swear to you I had my brain rinsed off. And as I was laughing at the absurdity of what was happening I began to choke on the water in my mouth and the water running down the back of my throat… {yea that was a good one} 

How about…

Just the other day a fellow employee was losing balance of her tray of food. I ran over to help and I did save the tray of food from the floor, but in the process I ran into a wood bench that was bolted to the floor. The mark from that incident is still a very large black, blue, and now yellow lovely bruise on my leg… {yes it truly takes talent to do these things}

And even…

Just yesterday my garbage disposal was making a weird sound as I was doing the dishes. So as it was running I was looking down into it to see if I could figure out what was going on. It was that exact moment when the disposal decided it was time to throw up the water and food waste that was in it. My face was just in the perfect place to catch all that crap. I am grateful for small blessings that my mouth was not open at that moment.

Let’s not forget…

I don’t sleep on my couch often because the odds of my falling off it in my sleep is very real.

I have spent many moments curled up on the floor in pain cursing at the wall… hitting my toes on the wall/corner as I am walking just happens to be a very common occurrence in my world.


I’ll save you from more stories, but trust me I have plenty. I have been blessed with this my whole life. I am not even going to tell you my frog story from when I was little.. so unbelievably sad. Maybe one day I will share.. ha..

So yep… this is me…oh not so graceful and as I just now noticed in that photo.. with chippy nail polish, ha. I’m really not sure how this turned into a “tell the awesomeness about myself to everyone” post, but it is what it is… haha…

…you really just have to laugh at yourself- or me.. it’s ok, you can laugh at me as well :p


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  1. And the beauty it creates when you realise you have reached that place within lizzy. It takes many years to accept you exactly as you are…and then appreciate you all the more because of it 😀

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