scars and stories…

Every scar, seen or hidden, has a story to tell. I have grown up with mostly invisible and hidden scars, the ones that people couldn't see. The ones that were visible I would hide or they have now faded. Some of the invisible scars are very much still there and I don't let anybody see … Continue reading scars and stories…

what i want to say is…

  I have discovered over the past year how much drawing and painting help me connect to my feelings and emotions. I have also discovered over the past little while how much music can say the things I want to say but for one reason or the other can't. I have always had a great love for music, which … Continue reading what i want to say is…

welcome back to reality… said bipolar

I can sum up my life these past few months with one word. Change. There has been a lot of it actually. Though some changes have been expected for quite some time... I could have never imagined some of the new things that have changed my world. Sometimes life just has a way of surprising you, you know? When … Continue reading welcome back to reality… said bipolar

it’s not a pen fetish… i promise

So. I have this thing for pens.  Like not quite a fetish.. But I can stand in the isle at the office supply store (oh, how i love those stores) and look, and touch and test them, all over the little testing papers they put out... for a really long time.. and I purchase more … Continue reading it’s not a pen fetish… i promise

check the box if… seriously?

It has been 19 days since my last post, so says my stats page.  Each time I log on to this blog it's right there, the first thing I see... like it's on a countdown reminding me I have been neglectful. Though it sure doesn't seem that long.  Time has flown by these last few weeks. So, … Continue reading check the box if… seriously?

no crazy here

October the season that awakens my soul... It is my favorite time of year. I look forward to it for ten long months. When summer says goodbye and the air turns crisp and cool. Where I live we have 4 months of cold snowy winter, 2 months of a wet warm/cold spring. 4 months of a hot summer... then 2 months … Continue reading no crazy here


This happens every time... When I'm on meds, I usually start to think that they aren't working, or I guess really working too well.. They make feel flat, like they are erasing all my emotions... Dr C tells me that I am so use to the extreme highs and lows and intense emotions.. (example: this post)... … Continue reading flatlining


If love is a puzzle for ordinary people. For me, and I imagine others like me with bipolar or borderline, love is an insane jigsaw puzzle...With extra pieces thrown in just to make it that much more difficult. Love is stressful. The moment I do something wrong, or make the other person mad or frustrated with … Continue reading alice