check the box if… seriously?

It has been 19 days since my last post, so says my stats page.  Each time I log on to this blog it's right there, the first thing I see... like it's on a countdown reminding me I have been neglectful. Though it sure doesn't seem that long.  Time has flown by these last few weeks. So, … Continue reading check the box if… seriously?


This happens every time... When I'm on meds, I usually start to think that they aren't working, or I guess really working too well.. They make feel flat, like they are erasing all my emotions... Dr C tells me that I am so use to the extreme highs and lows and intense emotions.. (example: this post)... … Continue reading flatlining

mt everest

For me, the hardest part of having a mental illness is the way it seems to always leak out on to those around me.  I see how the people around me are constantly having to give up and sacrifice things on my behave.  The life that they live is not what they hoped or expected. … Continue reading mt everest


This last time I was struggling through a depression cycle of my bipolar, I had these made for me.  I needed a way to remind my self constantly of hope. Hope is the strongest thing to have when you are in the throws of depression. Yet it is the hardest thing to keep. At least for me … Continue reading h.o.p.e