scars and stories…

Every scar, seen or hidden, has a story to tell. I have grown up with mostly invisible and hidden scars, the ones that people couldn't see. The ones that were visible I would hide or they have now faded. Some of the invisible scars are very much still there and I don't let anybody see … Continue reading scars and stories…

Embrace Crazy, Love Tex-Mex and Hope On

I just got back from the food store with an arm full of bags of good food. I am always happy that I went to the food store after the fact, but there is a dialogue that my mind knows very well, that happens at some level of consciousness when it is time to go. … Continue reading Embrace Crazy, Love Tex-Mex and Hope On

welcome back to reality… said bipolar

I can sum up my life these past few months with one word. Change. There has been a lot of it actually. Though some changes have been expected for quite some time... I could have never imagined some of the new things that have changed my world. Sometimes life just has a way of surprising you, you know? When … Continue reading welcome back to reality… said bipolar

it’s not a pen fetish… i promise

So. I have this thing for pens.  Like not quite a fetish.. But I can stand in the isle at the office supply store (oh, how i love those stores) and look, and touch and test them, all over the little testing papers they put out... for a really long time.. and I purchase more … Continue reading it’s not a pen fetish… i promise

no crazy here

October the season that awakens my soul... It is my favorite time of year. I look forward to it for ten long months. When summer says goodbye and the air turns crisp and cool. Where I live we have 4 months of cold snowy winter, 2 months of a wet warm/cold spring. 4 months of a hot summer... then 2 months … Continue reading no crazy here