Embrace Crazy, Love Tex-Mex and Hope On

I just got back from the food store with an arm full of bags of good food. I am always happy that I went to the food store after the fact, but there is a dialogue that my mind knows very well, that happens at some level of consciousness when it is time to go. … Continue reading Embrace Crazy, Love Tex-Mex and Hope On

what i want to say is…

  I have discovered over the past year how much drawing and painting help me connect to my feelings and emotions. I have also discovered over the past little while how much music can say the things I want to say but for one reason or the other can't. I have always had a great love for music, which … Continue reading what i want to say is…


This last time I was struggling through a depression cycle of my bipolar, I had these made for me.  I needed a way to remind my self constantly of hope. Hope is the strongest thing to have when you are in the throws of depression. Yet it is the hardest thing to keep. At least for me … Continue reading h.o.p.e

my old friend trust

In the mind of a borderline, there is always something hiding behind every good thing. And no matter what anyone says, how much I want to believe in the good.. despite the overwhelming desire- this is what my mind perceives: My mind tells me there is a darkness behind every good thing.  And though I try to fight it, ignore … Continue reading my old friend trust