you’re weird… i like you

This is getting obscene. I have at this very moment 9 blog post drafts sitting here saved in one form of completion or another. They all are sitting here for a variety of reasons from... got bored of writing it, lost the mood, lost my direction, to not sure if i want to post them, … Continue reading you’re weird… i like you

Embrace Crazy, Love Tex-Mex and Hope On

I just got back from the food store with an arm full of bags of good food. I am always happy that I went to the food store after the fact, but there is a dialogue that my mind knows very well, that happens at some level of consciousness when it is time to go. … Continue reading Embrace Crazy, Love Tex-Mex and Hope On


This happens every time... When I'm on meds, I usually start to think that they aren't working, or I guess really working too well.. They make feel flat, like they are erasing all my emotions... Dr C tells me that I am so use to the extreme highs and lows and intense emotions.. (example: this post)... … Continue reading flatlining